The same way you need roofing Wellington experts when you experience problems with your roof, plumbing issues require professionals too, since they affect every household from time to time, and often it is more difficult to deal with them by yourself. Some problems can seem major but have an easy fix; while others can be small annoyances that build up over time and need an expert plumber to resolve. So how do you tell the difference?



If you have a blocked drain in your sink, bath or shower you can probably take care of it yourself, or at least have a go before ringing the plumbing experts. Most blockages are just a matter of hair or other debris accumulating in the pipe just under your drain, which can be cleared with a solvent from the supermarket.

You can also try to fix a blockage in your toilet yourself. If the toilet is blocked it is often because matter is stuck very close to the bowl. Sometimes you will be able to clear the blockage with your hands (in gloves) or a plunger – this will save you from having to call out (and pay) a professional.

Of course, if you can’t clear the blockage yourself it is best to call in a plumbing expert rather than keep trying and risk making the problem worse. Solvents for drains, for example, can melt through the pipe if used incorrectly so if it takes more than a few goes to get rid of the blockage then you should call a plumber.



You can (and should regularly) clear your gutters yourself, and because they are usually open this should not be a difficult process. However, if the drainpipes themselves are blocked it gets a bit trickier and you may well need to find a plumber to both unblock the drain and put it back together afterwards.

Gutters can also become misaligned due to high winds or heavy use and become effectively useless. In this case you will need a plumbing professional to repair or replace the misaligned section.


Leaking pipes

leaking pipe

A small leak in your pipes might not seem like a big deal, but if you leave it unchecked it could cause huge problems down the track. If you think you have a leak you will need to get a plumber out to check the pipes for you, to work out where it is and what needs to be done to replace it.

If you don’t get a leak repaired it will only get bigger over time and start to cause water damage to your home. You also run the risk of the leak escalating into a burst pipe, which will almost certainly flood your home, cause structural damage and be very expensive to repair. For these reasons you need a certified plumber to deal with a leaking pipe.


Hot water

Hot water cylinders also need to be hooked up by professionals, as it is vital that the hot water is a) running and b) heading to the right spot. Your plumber will also be able to recommend a cylinder or other water heating system that will meet all of your requirements, so that you don’t need to replace it for a long time.

Hot water is something that needs to be handled by a plumbing professional.



If you make a mistake with your gas line it could literally kill you. Leave any gas installation or issues to a certified, experienced plumbing professional.