When hiring a plumber, it is important to make sure that you are hiring the right type. There are several different plumbing licences awarded by governing bodies, so it is important that the plumber you hire is licenced to do the work you are asking of them. Plumbers will usually do work of sanitary plumbing, sewerage plumbing and water plumbing.

The work of a sewerage plumber will cover a wide range of activities including maintenance, removal, fitting and cleansing of pipes connected to a sewerage system. Sanitary plumbing relates to work done with the collection and disposal of sewage while that of a water plumber covers the supply of water.

During their training, plumbers will undertake courses in a range of topics including gas fitting, draining work, urban irrigation and fire sprinkler systems.

In general, plumbers can be separated into the three different groups highlighted below.

  1. Residential plumbers

Plumbers trained and with experience as residential plumbers are experts when it comes to construction within houses. Usually tasked with fitting new pipes, residential plumbers become experts in this and lack the expertise to complete tasks in commercial jobs.

  1. Commercial plumbers

These are commissioned to work on projects in larger buildings, such as schools or hospitals. They will be responsible for maintenance of pipes as well as laying and replacing them.

  1. Service and repair plumbers

A service and repair plumber are called in when a problem occurs at your home or business. So, whether it’s a simple leak in the kitchen or a clogged toilet, these plumbers will be able to fix the problem.

A plumber’s work can be wide and varied. Some can be involved in planning the plumbing layout in the construction of new buildings. Pipefitters will install and ensure that pipe systems are up to scratch in industrial buildings. These systems can often be quite complicated, and plumbers will be specialised in just one type such is the complexity of them.

A plumber’s work may also save your life. In your office, your home or the local shopping centre, there is more than likely a sprinkler system installed in the case of fire. This installation and maintenance will be done by a sprinkler fitter. While pipe layers will do work relating to outside plumbing systems such as the pipes used for sewers and drains.

If you are interested in becoming a plumber, the work above is something you may come to do on a daily basis.