The toilet as we know it now was invented in 1596 by Englishman John Harington. Nearly every industry in the world has changed unrecognisably with the development of technology. But what should a plumber keep in mind when installing your toilet?

Many toilets are designed these days with both aesthetics and water conservation in mind. Wall mounted toilets as well as those with a more modern finish are now common place in remodelled bathrooms. With a modern feel, any wall mounted toilets also decrease the number of areas where bacteria can build up.

Most toilets are now produced with the dual flush system, a system created by the Australian, Bruce Thompson. This allows the user a choice between a full and a half flush in order to save water. In the average home, 30% of water usage comes from flushing the toilet while low water usage flushes still use close to 12,000 litres per year per person. As well as this, many toilets now come with an function to avoid slamming and finger pinching injuries.

Toilets with the aim of conserving energy and water have been invented with little or no success so far. A no-mix toilet aimed to separate urine and solid waste by asking users to deposit at the front and back respectively, has been met with mixed reviews. It saves water as Urine is collected in the toilet rather than flushed to the sewer. Although over 80% of users like the idea of saving water with this kind of toilet, many found it difficult to use when living with the technology.

Toilets on the market for up to $10,000 can do all the jobs you’d expect of one so expensive. Doing everything from automatic opening, flushing and deodorising, they also offer several bidets options as well as a heated seat for those freezing days in winter. What sets any toilet offered at this price apart is, its ability to clean itself, leaving the owner to forget about one more thing from their weekly list of chores. Using UV technology, it cleans itself after each use, leaving it fresh for the next person.

So, if you are looking to remodel the bathroom and have cash to burn, buying a top of the range toilet can offer an all-inclusive package. Before anything is done, ensuring your plumber checks that nothing from the perfect toilet will affect the plumbing below.