Sewer Cam is an outstanding piece of equipment which can be used for both stormwater and sewer drainage inspections to locate pipe collapses, blockages and general condition.

Brilliant for locating any drainage issues between different parties or quality assurance from previous works – all in high definition colour.


Rigid Naviscout is what we use with the sewer cam to locate sewer/stormwater drainage – direction, location of drainage pipework if unknown. As well as the location of breaks, cracks or faults in the drainage line. The Rigid Naviscout is also used to locate electrical and Telstra lines.


This locator verifies the locate position using a micro-mapping display to mark distinctive poles in front of and behind the target, insuring an accurate locate.

Automatic Depth

Depth is automatically calculated and displayed when over the target.


Sewer Jetter – excellent drain cleaning capabilities whether it be sewer or stormwater drainage pipe lines from 40mm to 225mm and up to 60m in length, clears blockages, at the same time also cleans to inside of the drainage pipelines, which allows and assists the use of the Sewer Cam to get an inside view of any damage and the condition of the pipe. The Rigid Naviscout locator can then find/locate the source of the blockage. This provides an exact location to repair. Minimising costs to the client.

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