Whether it’s your first few months living away from your family home or you’ve been living out of home since you left for university, it’s possible you’ve been lucky and never had to rely on the help from a plumber. Highly unlikely but still possible. So, what do you need to think about if you wake up one day and your toilet is clogged or there is a leak coming from the kitchen pipes that you can’t fix? Below are some tips to keep in mind for the first-time plumber users out there.

  1. Price comparison

Most of us, especially those not experienced in what plumbing entails or how big a job is, will plump for the cheapest price as well as what seems like the most reputable firm. Whether it’s a firm you’ve read about on the internet, or whose ads you’ve seen on tv, this is not the best way to go about it.

You should always choose based on a solid referral from somebody you trust. If you do this, you can be safe in the knowledge that the plumber in question has done a good job before and chances are you may save extra money on a referral fee for first time use.

  1. Organisation

Your plumber will be charging by the hour but may also have an initial call out fee. So, before any visit, do a complete search of your plumbing fixtures to ensure there are no hidden problems that need fixing. The less time the plumber spends at your house the cheaper it will be, so best to have everything sorted in one visit. Be organised and have a list ready for the plumber when they arrive.

  1. Fittings

Another effective way to save money when dealing with a plumber is to buy the fixtures yourself. If the plumber suggests you need a certain part and you feel the price quoted is a bit high, do a quick search on google for a price comparison or head down to your local hardware store as prices can be cheaper than offered by the plumber.

Also, get advice on what brand the plumber recommends and if he has ever installed the product before, so there is no problems down the line if it breaks.

Some plumbing jobs are can be fixed easily but if you need to call out a plumber remember there are plenty of easy ways to keep the price down.