Having a job has a long list of advantages and disadvantages, for most of us it’s a case of balancing off the good and the bad. Working as a plumber allows the chance to create your own business and become completely self-sufficient. There are some disadvantages too which we’ll look at below.


  1. Self-employment

You are your own boss. You choose when you take a job and when you have to get out of bed. If there are holidays you want to take, you can. Nobody can tell you what to do. If you work hard, you’ll see the rewards without having to give a percentage to any employer.

  1. No office

Each day, you’ll be out on the road. You won’t be spending hours and hours at a desk, you’ll be able to help others in a new space each day. If the job is a long-term project you have the chance of working from the same location which can provide some routine to your day

  1. Investment

After the initial start-up costs, including buying a van and tools, your costs should only include paying for fuel on call-outs. Choosing when and for how long you want to work, being your own boss as a plumber, you’ll be able to make that money back as quick or as slow as you wish.


  1. Job

Some may like it, but for others the thought of spending their days in a bathroom around toilets and pipes is not a good one. Spending a lot of your time on your knees under sinks can also take its toll on your back and knees.

  1. Self-employment

Being a self-employed plumber will have its benefits like those mentioned above, such as choosing your own timetable. However, there are some negatives associated with being a standalone plumber, working alone can be difficult with nobody for help or even just to talk to.

  1. Look after own taxes

Working as a sole trader plumber will leave you in charge of your finance as you find your feet. This is no easy task and one that if done incorrectly could cost your thousands of dollars in fines. So, ensuring to declare the correct taxes is very important.

Working as a plumber can be difficult with the not so glamourous every day work attached to it, but if you begin working for yourself there are plenty of advantages to it too.