Do you have problems with your pipes? If so it could be time to pick up the phone and call a plumber. If you notice even the smallest leak in your house, make sure you have someone examine the problem before it gets worse and potentially causes hundreds or thousands of dollars of damages. The problem can be caused by dozens of problems, some of which are outlined below, and many of these can be fixed with a call to a plumber

  1. Corrosion

Corrosion in piping has numerous causes ranging from the mix of chemicals in the water mixing with the piping wall, the pH of the water to the temperature of the water, the hotter the water, the more likely corrosion is. Corrosion in pipes can directly lead to chemicals entering the water you drink damaging your health so best to get this checked out.

  1. Scale

Scale can build up in pipes through mineral deposits from the water that flows through them. Formation of scale can result in reduced diameter and blocked pipes. It is common in pipes that are subjected to changes in temperature and in order to keep water flowing through, a more effective pump may be needed.

  1. Obstruction

Anything can find its way down through our pipes, hair, dirt, food, and even toys. Putting drain cleaner down could help solve the problem but an effective preventative measure is a drain filter. If either of these measures don’t completely solve the problem, then a plumber should be called.

  1. Weather

The weather can play havoc with your pipes. Countries with harsher winters can experience frozen pipes, if water freezes it will expand and potentially crack your pipes. To help prevent this, try insulating your pipes with wrapping or keep air circulating in places where pipes would usually not get a lot of heat.

  1. Trees

As pipes get older and more worn down, they can be susceptible to tree growth invasion. Always on the lookout for water and nutrients, tree roots can find their way into cracked or broken pipes. Over time the problem will just get worse. The roots will grow stronger, become more entangled and as more waste goes down the pipe, a great obstacle will grow for more waste.

If you experience any of these problems it will be best to give your plumber a call, they are not DIY jobs.