When it comes to your plumbing many people will often ask themselves if they can fix it on their own or whether they need a professional plumber in Sydney. This question will often come down to the type of job available but you also need to consider your own skillset before embarking on a DIY project. If you get it wrong you could end up causing more damage and paying a lot more for a plumber in Sydney to come and fix it.

Advice for DIY plumbing

There are a few essentials that everyone should know about plumbing and this is knowing where the mains water is and how to turn it off and also how to turn the water off at each fixture. The water main will likely be located on your property line or right next to the water meter. Located at each fixture, usually under the sink, will also be another way to turn off the water supply for just that channel.

What can you DIY?

For those who haven’t done some DIY plumbing before then below are a few things that should be relatively straight forward fixes. In most of these cases, any queries should be able to be answered by the salesperson at the hardware store without the help of a plumber in Sydney.

  • Leaking taps – in most instances this just means tightening the washers or replacing the tap itself.
  • Clogged toilet or drain – sometimes the pipes just need a good cleanout and this can be done using products that can be found at the supermarket. Other times you may need to get in there and clean it out yourself by unscrewing some pipes.
  • Replacing a shower head – this is as simple as following the instructions on the box!

For those who are a little more experienced you may be able to do a few more DIY fixes in your home without hiring a plumber in Sydney. This is likely to save you money and get the problem fixed faster as long as you do it correctly. The best advice is to not undertake anything that you are unsure of and don’t bash things or overturn screws.

  • Replacing a toilet – replacing the toilet shouldn’t be too hard with all of the pipes already in place to be connected. It is important, however, that you do connect it correctly otherwise the consequences could be a little scary.
  • Replacing a dishwasher – again, this is relatively straight forward and you just need to connect the pipes. Test the dishwasher before tucking it away to ensure that there are no leaks.

When you need to hire a plumber in Sydney

In most plumbing cases you will want to hire a professional plumber in Sydney. This is simply because the cost of improperly installed pipes, sinks, toilets and showers is far too costly due to the risk of flooding. Here are a few things that you should always get a professional plumber in Sydney for.


  • Renovations – whenever you get a renovation on your kitchen or bathroom it is important that you get a professional plumber in Sydney to re-install all of your required plumbing. This is because things will have moved and not everything will be set up as it necessarily should be.
  • Broken pipes – if a pip is broken you don’t want to fix it yourself. This is because you will want to determine the cause of the broken pipe and ensure that the rest of your plumbing system is intact.
  • Moving fixtures – this is similar to the renovations reasoning and means that you will have everything installed properly. This requires too much expertise for a DIY job and is recommended that you hire a professional plumber in Sydney.