Whether it’s a leak in the kitchen, a faulty toilet or a shower that won’t turn on, some of us will always want to try a DIY fix before plucking up the courage to call a plumber. Our pride gets in the way as well as an unwillingness to part with our hard-earned money. Some problems will prove to be beyond us, but others will be easily fixed. So, if you’re one of those people that wants to try their hand at DIY plumbing, what sort of tools should you go out and equip your tool box with to make you feel like the ultimate plumber?

  1. Plumber’s putty

A type of putty used as a sealant, this substance can be used to make watertight repairs to taps or drains. There is not much expertise needed for this tool so it should be the first thing you buy for your tool kit.

  1. Teflon tape

This tape is used for threaded pipe joints when a watertight seal is needed. As well as preventing leaks, they help lubricate the thread allowing it to be easily unscrewed.

  1. Plunger

Most homes will have one but with the nickname of “a plumber’s best friend”, this tool can come in useful more than you’d think. Used to unclog toilets, sinks, showers and drains, the plunger creates a vacuum which will dislodge the most robust of blockages.

  1. Adjustable Wrench

Available in multiple sizes at a relatively cheap price, an adjustable wrench has a movable jaw which allows the user to use it on different fittings and supply lines, perfect when dealing with different problems at home.

  1. Hand Auger

Used when a plunger can’t do that job, a hand auger can have as long as seven-metre-long steel cable which is effective at moving many different blockages. Placing the auger into the drain, feed it through until it has reached the clog, then rotate to break up to obstruction and you should have an unblocked drain within minutes.

  1. Hacksaw

For the more advanced DIY plumbers out there, a hacksaw can be used to cut through screws, metal pipes and hardware. Always make sure to have extra blades on hand is used continually.

  1. Basin wrench

Used for problems around your sink, the basin wrench can tighten and loosen nuts that hold taps in place. Perfect for work in confined spaces, this tool will be a life saver.

With these tools in your house, you’ll be able to tackle most plumbing problems that come your way.