So you happen to be in the market for a hot water system? There will be a series of local brands and outlets that will pose to be the best option, yet there is a genuine argument to be made that you should be purchasing hot water cylinders at a New Zealand price.


Why would this be the case? Surely the logistics won’t add up if you happen to live in Sydney, Melbourne or interstate, right?


Well those that do buy a hot water cylinder at a New Zealand price end up reaping the dividends. This is a nation that prides itself on simplifying a somewhat complicated process by delivering a product that utilises a mixture of modern methods to encase, insulate, reinforce and regulate water through a thermostat system.


Still unconvinced about buying hot water cylinders at a New Zealand price? Let us outline the benefits of opting for this niche consumer choice.

Innovation and Culture


There is one great intangible when it comes to shopping for hot water cylinders at a New Zealand price. In a country that prides itself on innovation and creativity to source their energy needs, cylinder brands in this part of the world are crafted only from the most cutting edge of technological developments. The 60 degree water temperature has been formulated through years of scientific study to ensure the most efficient source for the consumer as cylinders are issued via electricity, wetback systems, solar panels, gas and heat pumps.


This variety and expertise is a direct result of Kiwi innovation and a need to necessitate a quality hot water source in a nation where temperatures can dramatically drop during the autumn and winter months. Yet another reason to buy hot water cylinders at a New Zealand price.

Installation Costs Minimised


There are many benefits of purchasing hot water cylinders at a New Zealand price, yet the minimal installation cost is an advantage that cannot be understated. Domestic brands see the installation process as a chance to markup the cost when it comes to the all important installation phase, a moment where the price of the product is amplified. Given the initial outlay for the consumer ranging anywhere between $350 to $1000 AUD, Kiwi hospitality for low installation services is a tangible benefit for the end consumer.

Avoiding Domestic Fees and Taxes


Individuals who source their hot water cylinders at a New Zealand price have the capacity to avoid certain fees and taxes that are stipulated with Australian products. The GST for example has been a useful asset for the federal government to reinvest back into the local economy, but that is not a priority for the average citizen when they are on the hunt for a bargain. Whether you search for the goods through an online distributor such as eBay or physically head on location across the Tasman, the marked down price to outsource your cylinder needs to an overseas location such as New Zealand is a benefit to consider.

Conversion Rate


Needless to say that sourcing hot water cylinders at a New Zealand price is beneficial for the Australian consumer. Operating at a conversion of approximately $0.92 per dollar, those savings are ideal for the domestic market as those who shop via Trans-Tasman outlets can access a cylinder that works equally as well. These savings are accentuated further for citizens that are utilising US currency, with the New Zealand dollar currently valued at $1.44 per US dollar.


As per the global economy for Western brands, New Zealand stands as one of the best locations to source your household appliances and goods. Like Italian pizzerias and Australian coffee, opting for hot water cylinders at a New Zealand price is the ideal choice for the consumer.