If you’ve just set up your plumbing business, busy trying to get it off the ground, remember to keep in mind that just like any industry, technology is on hand to help you. There are numerous apps on the market that can assist with plenty of aspects of your business.  Most are free but if not, try them out for a month to see if they add any value to your business.

  1. I Plumb Safe

Health and safety is very important, and this industry specific app will keep you up-to-date on best practice for plumbers. Coming with tips as well as library of information, this app, although not free, is well worth the small investment.

  1. Google

Set up your business email through Google and you’ll be able to do a host of different things. The calendar is perfect for organising your day to day business and inputting any meetings or calls that you need to tend to. The Google cloud allows you to save documents onto a cloud for free, while through this you can also make new spreadsheets or word documents which will be immediately backed up, so you don’t have to worry about losing data if you change phones or computers.

  1. Quickbooks

Not just specific to the plumbing industry, but perfect for any sole trader that needs to keep on top of their finances. Offering an easy platform to organise invoices, expenses and anything else for your accounting needs, this app can be used on your phone or computer, so you can manage it on the go.

  1. MileBug

An app for plumbers who want to keep track of their mileage. This app, although not free, will be worth it for someone that needs to track how far they travel for jobs, as well as coming in useful when filling out tax returns.

  1. Intuit Gopayment

There are numerous payment apps on the market but this one which links with Quickbooks can help reduce any headache around payment for jobs. With a card reader allowing customers to swipe to pay, there is a reduced chance of inputting card details incorrectly while cutting down on paperwork attached to each job.

Technology has changed the way we all do business. For plumbers this is true too, using the apps above will save time and money, as well as offering a helping hand in getting a new business up and running.