There are a couple of problems that you can face in your bathroom. A build-up of grime in your shower, which can be tackled with regular cleaning, steam staying in your bathroom after a shower causing your towels to smell damp, cured with use of the fan and then you have the problem of your toilet. When do you know is the best time to call a plumber to install a new toilet? Here are some parts of the toilet that can break and force your hand.

  1. The seat

The most important part. The seat can begin loosening after over-use. Held in by plastic screws, they begin to loosen resulting in a moving seat when you sit down. If the screws come loose, simple tighten them and the problem will disappear.

  1. Drain pipe

If you feel that your toilet isn’t flushing properly, and that waste isn’t travelling freely away from the toilet, it could be that the drain pipe at the back could be blocked. More than likely it is blocked through toilet paper, a bunch of paper together or even something as innocuous as a toothbrush. If a plunger does not clear the pipe, it is best to then call a plumber. In older houses, the drain pipe is more likely to get blocked and if so may need to be replaced. A job for a professional, a plumber would need to move the toilet from the wall and replace the pipe that way.

  1. Running water

If there is a consistent drip or the water refills at random times it may indicate a problem with the toilet’s flapper or that the float is not adjusted correctly. Make sure to contact a plumber to fix this problem quickly to ensure running water is dealt with.

  1. Wax seal

The sealant that sticks the toilet to the floor can sometimes be worn away. If the seal is broken or cracked, you will see water leak out from the base of the toilet. Any easy problem to spot and one that requires a quick fix

  1. The flusher

Whether a button or a level this is the part of the toilet used the most and therefore the most likely to break.  The rod inside the toilet that controls the flush can sometimes break so if your flush isn’t working properly this may be the problem.

Dealing with broken parts of a toilet can be tricky business so be sure to contact a plumber to prevent further damage.